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World's smallest conference

The world’s smallest conference - held in a Smart car - visits Tyne and Wear this November as part of the annual Creative Clusters Conference.

Delegates can book a 5-10 minute session in the car, which features a one-to-one with a creativity consultant experienced in enabling people to overcome challenges, spark and create new and innovative ideas, or spot different opportunities. Typical problems include insufficient time, lack of support from colleagues, or too many projects competing for attention, lack of confidence in their own creative abilities or lacking the skills and techniques to effectively create, nurture and exploit new ideas.

The mini conferences are offered by Creativity at Work, a company run by Andy Green, author of Creativity in Public Relations, and his business partner David Taylor, a leadership development coach. The organisation has previously worked with blue chip companies including L’Oreal and Asda, and proved very popular at last year’s Creative Clusters Conference in Belfast.

The philosophy behind the Creative Clusters Conference is a belief that creativity is a key factor driving development. Across the world, enterprises based on individual creativity are booming. Knowledge and culture-based activities now play a central role in the activities of all businesses. TyneWear Partnership (TWP), the organisation contributing to economic regeneration at a sub-regional level, is the main sponsor of the Creative Clusters Conference 2006.

Chris Thompson, chair of TWP, said: “The world’s smallest conference offers a new and innovative way for people to find out about what it means to be creative and how that can help them in their everyday work.

“TWP aims to encourage the growth of an economy that supports local people and businesses. It is sponsoring the Creative Clusters Conference to enable discussion and learning with people from all over the world, to be accessible to people within the North East. It also an opportunity to prove Tyne and Wear really is a world leader when it comes to creativity.”

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