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Unoccupied business premises vulnerable over Christmas

The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) is urging businesses to properly protect their premises if they are left unoccupied over the forthcoming Christmas break.

NSI is warning that some organisations could leave themselves open to the risk of burglary, arson or criminal damage, if they fail to safeguard their property effectively.

Criminals will be aware that many businesses will be left unattended for up to 10 days. This could include whole areas, such as industrial estates, where few company employees will venture during the holiday period. This provides the perfect opportunity for criminals to target quieter than normal business areas in particular. And there is also the increased risk of vandalism and arson.

Businesses should check that any intruder alarm, CCTV or fire alarm system is in effective working order in advance of the holiday.

Where a business is happy with its security and fire protection, they should make sure everything is locked, set and working as necessary before the last employee leaves. If a business is not sure of its security effectiveness, contact the local police for crime prevention advice.

Julian Stanton, NSI spokesman, said: “Making sure that appropriate security and fire prevention measures are in place when a business closes for the festivities should ensure a positive start to the New Year. Effective electronic security and fire protection systems that work when you need them are essential.”

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