Ruth Mitchell

Local Authorities urged to conquer pothole menace

THE Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) North East is urging the Government and local authorities to learn lessons from the recent freezing weather to avoid an ever-increasing pothole problem.

“It will cost thousands of pounds to repair potholes in the road caused by the big freeze”, said Stephen Larkin, regional director, ICE North East.

“It’s yet more money when so much has already been spent on grit to keep roads clear, but if the repairs aren’t done it could cost even more cash in the future when the holes get bigger.

“When a pothole is simply patched up, there is a greater chance of the problem recurring than when a more thorough fixing of the damage is carried out.

“This is because a patch is more likely to allow water to seep in around the edges.”

Potholes are formed by water penetrating the asphalt surface of a road through cracks caused by traffic.

When temperatures plunge, the water freezes, expands and causes the surface to rupture.

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