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COMPANIES from across the region have been given an insight into the benefits of effective communication and design at an event.

Over 80 firms were in attendance at Design Network North’s latest series of monthly ‘Rise and Design’ events last week.

The event gave business advice and provided information about the impact design can have on effective communication.

Terry McStea, Senior Technology Consultant at Design Network North, said: “Effective communication is important because if you’re not doing it well then you’re not communicating the right things.

“The design aspect is really about encouraging people to think about how to communicate and not just about doing it.

“It’s about considering what does your brand say about your company and product or service, and aligning with what you actually what it to say.”

The attendees were urged to get involved in a question and answers session, while Director of Instinctive Choice, Chris Angus, gave a presentation about the importance of emotional design, with 80 % of all decisions governed on instinctive choice.

Chris Bond, Research and Development Director, Hardy and Greys Limited, said: “ The most interesting facets of today was the emotional design presentation and I’m going to have to look at that and discuss it with my marketing colleagues.

“I’m a firm believer that design originates a project and it takes it right through to how its manufactured, how you maintain in the market place and how you look after your customers.”

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