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David Johnson from Johnson Tucker LLP talks surveying to bdaily

David Johnson and his business partner Andrew Tucker first worked together over 25 years ago, which came as a distinct advantage when the pair set up their own surveying practice in 2006.

After the national firm the pair previously worked for decided to close their Newcastle office, David and Andrew took over the goodwill, client base and staff at the office, renaming it Johnson Tucker LLP.

“It was an amicable parting, but the firm were more dedicated to finding national work, “ explains David.

“Because we’ve worked together for a long time, we know how the other works yet its still good to bounce ideas off each other.”

As a lifelong resident of the North East, staying in the region was a natural choice for David, who’s detailled knowledge of the region is paramount to the business.

“By remaining regional, it’s a lot easier to make a decision – there are no number crunchers in London controlling how we do things,” he continues.

“We are also aware of how things work in the area – we both know the North East well, and really its hard to be a surveyor on a national level because you can’t always know what’s going on.”

The construction industry is suffering under the current economic climate and since coming to the helm; the pair have strived to ensure the business is a success.

“We pride ourselves in the fact that we have retained and expanded our client base despite the economic downturn.

“However it’s still important to take a cautious approach as there is less work and the pot is smaller.”

In order to ensure the company can continue its good run, David and Andrew have begun to concentrate on key areas of experience to look for business.

“By doing this we can identify opportunities for clients and add real value,” says David.

“We have begun to look at new areas of work where property knowledge plays a big part, but which have never previously been considered as traditional territories for chartered surveyors.”

Although the market continues to stagnate, David is still relatively positive, a factor that comes from the pride he takes in his work.

“It’s incredibly satisfying to identify buildings people can use and make money from.” He concludes.

“As surveyors we are ultimately only one part of the equation of a business, so its incredibly satisfying to be part of something which can be sold for a profit and then go on to employ people.

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