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Beginners guide to investments: an introduction

Over the next few months and exclusively to Bdaily, we’ll provide a Beginners Guide to Investments. The monthly features will cover various topics from asset class types to portfolio strategies, the economy and the factors that affect your investments.

We’ll cover a variety of asset types from the obvious such as stocks and shares, to the less obvious such as managed futures funds and currency trading. We will explain what they are, how they trade, price and work, plus what to look out for in each. The series will also cover how world events effect investments and investment values, increasingly relevant as the European Debt crisis continues to undermine the value of your investments and pension.

As much as anything the point of the series is to demystify investments and the investment world to the readers of Bdaily, therefore we are opening up the subjects and topic list to your suggestions. Is there something you would like to see covered or explained, is there something that has always interested, perplexed or confused you? Is there something that logic tells you is right, but never seems to be the case? Well now is your chance to find out, email us at info@vertem.co.uk or leave your suggested topic or query in the comment box below.

Topics already likely to be covered are listed below, so if you have a specific query relating to either those subjects or something else, please do get in contact.

Stocks and shares, fixed interest and bonds, collective investment vehicles, property and real estate, hedge funds, commodities, currencies, derivatives and options, economic policies and interest rates, the global economy, risk levels and more.

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