‘Around a pound’ Neil Gilholm

‘Around-a-Pound’ mobile shop is inspired idea

Neil Gilholm had been employed as a production manager in industry for many years but after being made redundant four times in seven years and then applying for 230 jobs without success, he really felt that he needed to take matters into his own hands. Living in a rural village Neil was also aware that many people are on low incomes but can’t afford to travel into town to access shops selling cheaper goods such as ‘pound shops’, so he decided to start a mobile pound shop and take it to the customers.

Although Neil had some previous relevant experience he felt unsure about how to progress his enterprising idea so he approached NBSL for support. Neil attended a ‘Start your Own Business’ group appointment and had one to one meetings with Business Advisers Julia Weldon and Andy Brown at the Hexham branch who worked with him over a period of time to build his confidence and encourage him to develop his business skills further.

Neil worked hard to develop his business plan; building on the assistance he had received from NBSL to enhance his skills. He approached a number of parish councils to obtain permission to operate in their villages and finally started to trade as ‘Around a Pound’ just before Christmas 2011. The first week’s turnover exceeded Neil’s expectations and he is thoroughly enjoying travelling around with his dog for company and providing a much needed service to the rural areas of Northumberland.

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