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High impact marketing for UK businesses

Bdaily Business Network has entered into partnership with Asian Business
Connexions and Pyramid Media UK to create a strong, high-impact marketing
campaign that will ensure members who take up the campaign will see their
company reach their marketplace online, offline as well as leaving them with a
legacy of materials that can be used to continue marketing the business into the

Ammar Mirza explains “We wanted to create a promotional campaign that
ensures the engaged business receives the best quality campaign, at a great
cost and with maximum reach. This exciting and innovative holistic marketing
package promotes a business across all media including, video, on-air, online and
print. You can quite literarily get potential customers to touch, feel and see your
business, building up a credible relationship, even before any personal dialogue.”

Bdaily and Asian Business Connexions have been working together on a few
projects, and found an essential synergy between the two organisations.
Exploring ways to benefit both memberships as well as utilizing the extensive
reach of both networks has resulted in the creation of a campaign that could
reach in excess of 250,000 people.

“Bdaily has been in operation for over 10 years now, and has over 100,000
businesses engaging with us on a monthly basis. We are scaling our services to
reach as many business owners and senior teams across all regions in the UK,
and believe with associations such as Asian Business Connexions we can offer
businesses a way to differentiate themselves against their competition through
this innovative, and highly visible campaign.”

Working closely with Bdaily’s film partner Pyramid Media UK, the tripartite
collaboration will include the production of a high quality video, depicting
the business through the medium of film, essentially bringing to life the
organisation’s brand, products and services that no other promotional method
could capture quite as distinctly. The filmed piece will be scoped and produced
by our expert partner Pyramid Media UK, specialist film makers who develop
and deliver high quality corporate, commercial, on-line viral to clients across the

Post production, Bdaily will wrap an active campaign around the completed
video, promoting the piece on the popular daily news Bulletin and broader
news site, through an accompanying news article and banner advert as well as
a full company profile across the news site. Coupled with promotion on Bdaily,
Asian Business Connexions will deliver a similar service across their central site,
regular members newsletter, as well as a key mention of each company on their
weekly Spice FM business radio show.

To find out more, please email or call 0191

This was posted in Bdaily's Members' News section by Ruth Mitchell .

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