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Andrew Charlton

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“...the weather today?“

As I look out of the window today I am struck by one thing, or rather I’m not but perhaps I should be. The world is still turning and I’m feeling ok. Actually I’m a bit tired and grumpy but I’m told that’s par for the course for me.

What I mean is that despite some frost, sleet and then unbelievably some snow there has been no apocalyptic event and we all seem to be alive. Watching the news however you’d think that we’re all doomed. The news of course being brought to me by a man in a pointless location, usually a motorway bridge, to tell me that it’s freezing cold and it may be colder and snowier tomorrow. Now I’m as grateful as the next bloke to know it’s going to snow in winter but really, is this really the best news there is?

The fact that some muppet has stuffed his 4x4 into a ditch and has clogged up the M5 is not news. Nor that the AA or RAC say stay at home if you don’t have to go out. I mean they’re hardly likely to tell us “sod it, give it a bash, if you get stuck we’ll come and fetch you.”

I had an American relative come to stay with me last year who was obsessed with the weather and the forecast as indeed it seems most of our American cousins are. My advice was to tune in to our 24/7 channel for the latest news. He couldn’t find it on SKY despite looking extensively for the advert free live footage direct on wide screen. Turns out he didn’t get sarcasm or that it was my sitting room window. “If it’s raining stick a coat on. If it’s not take one just in case. There is a 100% chance that you won’t know what’s happening until it’s happened.”

What I am getting at is that our goggle box is full of tripe news and with a generally less than aware youth populace why tonight was the Queens Accession about the last item on the news? For the small businessman I ask is there no good news to share today about someone who got it right? Invented something great? Got a belting contract or some fabulous miracle of life from a top surgeon? Or maybe sterling work by a member of a community that can fill up our airwaves and inspire us? I think so.

As members of the small business community and citizens generally we’re obsessed by rubbish or sad news. So I thought I better check the definition of news in case I was missing the point: “Newly received or noteworthy information, esp. about recent or important events.”

Nothing in there says it must be global, tragic, sad or desperate. Over the last few years we’ve learned in our own business the value of public relations, social media and wherever possible getting good stuff into print or on the airwaves.

My challenge to you all this week is to go out and think about something good or great you or your business has done and shout about it to inspire and cheer up all your peers. If you haven’t got anything to shout about then shout about someone you know or care about or a good cause and get your finger out so you have got something good to crow about next week.

After all, you’re on this website to read the news aren’t you? Don’t just read it, smile and make it.

Andrew M Charlton – 7th February 2012

Andrew is a Director at BACK Consulting Limited, one of the region’s top software development companies and is co-organiser of the North East Expo.

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