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East Midlands Airport implements carbon offsetting scheme

East Midlands Airport has implemented phase two of their carbon partner scheme, aimed at getting on site partners to adopt low carbon vehicles.

The airport aims to make ground operations becoming carbon neutral by the end of year, and the scheme so far has enabled companies to work with the airport to implement long term solutions through an ‘eco-fund’ and offsets for any remaining emissions.

Neil Robinson, Director of Sustainability East Midlands Airport said: “It’s incredibly important to us to work with all partner companies based on site to share best practice and encourage innovative ways to reduce carbon emissions.

“Whilst, we are on track to hit our carbon neutral target in 2012, we think it is paramount to help other companies to be greener.

“The carbon partner scheme has been especially successful and all companies involved are pleased with the output of the scheme.”

Leicestershire County Council and the Midlands Plugged in Places scheme, supported by Cenex, the UK’s first Centre for Excellence for Low Carbon and Fuel Cell technologies, have also worked to introduce four POD Point electric vehicle charging points.

Erik Fairbairn, CEO of POD Point Ltd said: “We are delighted that POD Point EV charging points will be part of a successful ground operations carbon reduction programme.

“Providing the infrastructure for electric vehicles shows a clear, long-term commitment to lowering carbon emissions, and it has been a particular pleasure to see an airport going down this route in addition to purchasing offsets.”

Carbon Footprint Ltd helped to establish a carbon emissions offsetting project, where a hydropower facility in Turkey provides both environmental and social benefits.

John Buckley, Managing Director of Carbon Footprint Ltd said: “East Midlands Airport has offset their ground vehicle emissions using a high quality project.

“Whereas, perhaps in the past some other businesses may have ‘just purchased carbon offsets’, EMA has put in place a programme of carbon reduction initiatives and made firm commitments to continue reducing carbon emissions.

“Within the airport sector, these actions mark East Midlands Airport out as sustainability leaders.”

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