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BT and Northern Grid get 100,000 pupils online

BT and Northern Grid have signed a five-year deal, which will connect around 250 schools in the North East to next generation network and broadband services.

The new high speed network will give over 100,000 pupils and teachers safe, secure and flexible high speed internet access.

The deal will also offer capped pricing, with the opportunity to reduce costs for schools across the life of the contract. The new partnership has ensured that pricing has remained at the lower end of the national pricing range.

Paul Ringham, Vice President Local & Devolved Government, BT Global Services, said: “BT is
really excited about the opportunity to work with Northern Grid for Learning.

“This partnership will deliver financial savings and faster, more reliable internet access for schools right across the North East.

“Using the very latest broadband technologies pupils will benefit from safe and reliable access to a host of online learning activities. BT is also very committed to the adoption of PSN in local government so it is great to see that the new network could eventually form part of an integrated Public Services Network (PSN).”

The new network could also form the basis of a larger Public Services Network, which would integrate a range of public sector services such as Local Authorities, health and emergency services.

Mel Philipson, Northern Grid Manager, said: “This contract provides the best broadband
connectivity at the best prices for schools in this region.

“Northern Grid is very pleased to partner with BT and looks forward to using this opportunity to continue to improve our services to schools boosting our value for money.

“We are excited by the prospect of working with such a successful company and are committed to work with BT to bring the benefits to as many schools as possible.”

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