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Helen Wingstedt

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Making Business a Hit with Spiritual Grit

Helen Wingstedt, intuitive stress specialists, shares her expertise, and suggests spirituality is not something that should make businesspeople switch off.

Spiritual. Nine letters guaranteed to strike terror into the hearts of businesspeople everywhere who confuse it with the religion of Spiritualism or conversing with the dead. In reality, spirituality is just another way of describing self awareness. Getting to know yourself better and finding inner strength with the objective of taking life in your stride.

Understanding the way past experiences have been internalised is the key to fundamental changes in self perception. Alter your relationship with the past and you alter your relationship with yourself and your situation. Shifting your perspective on the past can have a dynamic effect in terms of change in the present. Individuals operating in a ‘cleaner’ more spiritually correct way are able to act accordingly in any situation. Their decisions and responses ‘clean’ not driven by baggage facilitating improved performance and faster progress.

For instance, a greyhound frightened at an early age by rabbits might refuse to chase them in later life. Alter the greyhounds relationship with the past in terms of its experience with rabbits and normal rabbit chasing behaviour will resume as a part of natural behaviour.

People are incredibly complex and designed to solve almost any problem they encounter. Creative problem solving in the outside world builds everything from bridges to businesses. We use the same ability to create an internal world where we hold beliefs about ourselves and the world we live in. If our experiences are positive we create an inner world that supports us. If our experiences are negative we create an inner world which can be increasingly difficult to live with as life experiences build and prove us right to be fearful, distrustful, unsocial, cautious, insecure and so on. This kind of baggage exists within each of us affecting decisions, derailing dreams and negating performance. Challenge perception, alter perspective and a completely new, happier, healthier inner World can be created.

Free from baggage you are in turn free to operate cleanly and powerfully in ways that will surprise you. Phrases like “I used to be better at”, “I used to be able to”, “I’m trying to realise my potential” will cease to be used and the doubt and anxiety around them forgotten.

Sadly, there remains confusion and stigma surrounding the concept of spirituality. In today’s dysfunctional world where the tried and tested methods have failed millions of people, it seems strange that fresh, effective, proven concepts are still viewed in this limiting way. For instance, companies are willing to spend thousands of pounds on expensive team-building ‘away days’ to create an external illusion of office friendships and a perceived lack of stress, leaving the reason for stress, absenteeism and conflict untouched.

People have everything they need and more inside them to succeed in any economic or social climate. Summoning up the spiritual grit to challenge perception and change perspective is the key that will ensure they achieve it.

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