By Eric Fischer (2)

The games: opportunities for business round-up

The Economist’s webinar on the 11th July gave the public an insight into the potential advantages and disadvantages of the upcoming Olympic Games, from a business perspective.

The webinar included representatives of the past, present and future games host cities - Beijing, London and Rio de Janeiro.

Chairman of the Olympic delivery authority, Sir John Armitt said: “In London there was no question from the beginning that this was a regeneration opportunity.

“It is a great opportunity to regenerate what really is a rundown part of the city of London.”

Parliamentary under Secretary of State, Bob Neill, showed enthusiasm and positivity regarding the new Cross Rail service connecting Heathrow Airport and east London.

He said: “Investment into larger companies really benefits smaller companies because they bring huge supply chains with them which is extremely important.”

Professor of sports management at the University of Michigan, Stefan Szymanski had a less positive outlook, doubting the long term impact on consumer demand.

If you would like to view the webinar on demand, go to this link here.

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