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Channel 4 bolsters teenage entrepreneurship

An entrepreneurial online game has been launched by Channel 4 to educate teenagers about business and financial literacy.

The game has gone live on Facebook today, to encourage 14-19 year-olds about the advantages of setting up small start-up businesses, while youth employment is at its current record heights.

Footfall is an iOS game, designed to demonstrate the social, environmental and financial impact of decisions made when running a small start-up business.

It gives players the tasks of setting up their own fledgling shoe-shop, and sets challenges of dealing with manufacturers, designers and product selection. Teenagers will also have to tackle how to sell and market their business through their shop-window to the public.

The game has been backed by Channel 4 education and can be accessed by potential budding entrepreneurs through a mobile app, as well as on the social networking site, allowing players to keep a track of their business wherever they are.

Faraz Osman, Editor at Channel 4 Education said: ““In a time where finding a job is increasingly difficult for young people, the prospect of being your own boss is very appealing.

“We wanted the game to help instil business acumen and financial literacy, but most importantly show its teen players that running a profitable business doesn’t mean running an evil one.”

Footfall is produced by BAFTA award-winning games studio Preloaded, illustrated by Grace Ward with shoe consultancy provided by Amanda Luisa from I Can Make Shoes.

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