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British energy firm join Green Deal

Top UK solar energy installer EvoEnergy have joined The Green Deal Finance Company (TGDFC) after a loan of £7 million from the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

The loan given to TGDFC will go towards the development of financial structures and credit rating of the company, enabling them to offer lower prices to households looking to improve sustainability.

TGDFC are a not-for-profit organisation set up to provide low cost solutions to allow for the wide scale installation of energy efficient measures in homes as a part of the Government’s Green Deal programme to lower carbon emissions whilst being cost effective.

EvoEnergy join with TGDFC as a part of their dedication to this initiative, in a bid to help reduce household energy bills. They provide insulation, boiler replacements, heating control and optimising voltage use services, as well as their main service of installing solar panels.

Chief Executive of EvoEnergy Dr Kevin Hard said: ““We’re delighted to have joined The Green Deal Finance Company, it’s an exciting time for the Green Deal as the scheme is gaining momentum.

“As a company we’re looking forward to helping as many customers as possible control their energy future and combat rising household bills.

“We’re already set up to offer a number of the existing Green Deal measures, and we’re keen to see which other measures DECC introduces.”

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