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Bdaily explores R&B Group

In this series of interviews, Bdaily dips into the world of events and production business, R&B Group. This fifth installment is a chat with graphic design manager, Zak Hussain, who tells us about his involvement in the creative side of R&B Group.

Clients come to R&B Group with a range of requests and projects that require detailed graphics work, and Zak is the man for the job.

He explains: “I guess my role is about presenting graphics in a better way, about being more intelligent in presenting information and making it more lively and engaging.”

Detail and depth is important in each graphics project, and the varied nature of clients’ requirements means an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution is not an option. Zak will often need to tailor components of the graphics to fit the purpose of the project.

He adds: “Although we’re not a design agency, we do offer a creative design service for clients. We may not necessarily advertise these services, but do a great deal of this type of work. We have an excellent creative team producing multimedia, 3D animation and presentation graphics to name just a few.”

Zak walks us through the processes involved in a typical piece of work for R&B Group. He adds: “A great example of an upcoming project is a video package we are putting together for Procter and Gamble, to tie in with their International Staff Awards. The motivational video is to include animation and aims to showcase the North East region, P&G’s heritage and build excitement ahead of the awards ceremony.

“The design process begins with an initial storyboard, then following proofing with the client, production begins. A first edit is then carried out and amends made. The final product is a mix of motion graphics and filmed footage, which will capture the attention of the International audience.”

As with all project based work, Zak needs to manage the expectations of the client, and deliver the finished product on time.

“My role is more and more about juggling deadlines. Schedules are often tight and in some instances, the client will request a progress report, or preview before the finish date. We need to factor in this additional time.”

It’s no surprise that such a creative role allows Zak room to use outside inspirations. He says a particularly niche interest in film credit typography often informs his work projects.

“My interests are typography, music and cinema, so I suppose my work is influenced by this. I love the variety the role offers, every client has a different demand. As creative technology continues to evolve, so do we.”

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