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North East horse products firm look to Mongolia

North East manufacturer of equine supplements has branched into the Mongolian market, with a £10,000 order.

Four pallets of supplements from Newburn-based Equine Products UK Ltd, will be delivered to the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator.

Pharmaceutical importer EuroPharma will supply the country?s horse racing herdsmen, as equine tourism is said to be thriving.

Equine Products? supplements will predominantly be used by herdsman taking part in an ancient Mongolian festival to celebrate heroism and masculinity. Mongolia?s Naadam is eight centuries old, and celebrates horse racing, wrestling and archery.

The 17 mile horse race remains unchanged since the days of Genghis Khan.

Justin Ridley, commercial director of Equine Products UK says: ?This is an exciting new market for us to be exporting to and Mongolia has a very different way of doing business than the middle east, for example. We established the business in 1981 and work with agents and distributors in the UK and across the world.

?Horses are sacred in Mongolia and there is new wealth in the country, which is being invested in the equine industry. We?re looking forward to developing a close relationship with EuroPharma to explore other regions where our products can be used as we continue to grow the business.“

Equine Products? range includes nutritional support products for joints, hooves, skin, respiratory, health, digestion and behaviour.

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