Miranda Dobson

Businesses advised to ?move to the cloud?

Cloud computing has quickly become the latest phase in I.T services and businesses across all sectors, as firms are urged to “join the cloud”. The term refers to a way to access computer resources, such as files and applications, through the internet. A recent survey carried out by a North East-based I.T supplier found that businesses in the region heavily rely on company data, as 91% said it was vital to their daily operations.

Data failings could have a dramatic impact on the day-to-day runnings of a company, which is why the I.T equipment and support firm, OmniCom, has urged businesses in the North East to switch to cloud-based services. 10% of the 200 organisations surveyed said system or software failure impacted business every month, and 30% said they did not regularly back up data.

North East companies typically use tape backup, while of those that had implemented a back up storage system, 30% did not see the need to store data in an off-site location. OmniCom highlighted the famous data loss suffered by Sir Richard Branson from his home on Necker Island, which the company said “has to serve as a warning that it could happen to anyone”. Cloud computing could be the solution to safeguard company data for many businesses.

Paul Tomlinson, the owner of OmniCom, urged North East businesses to explore cloud-based systems to back up data, especially as 30% of companies in the region do not currently check their back up systems. He said cloud computing is safe, secure and affordable, with open-ended capacity, and firms should consider “moving to the cloud” to safeguard data, and their businesses.

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