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Adam Brenner from NCapture talks QR code marketing

Bdaily spoke to Adam Brenner from recently the set up marketing and communications agency, NCapture ahead of the “Marketing the Art of” event at the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle on November 20. He told us about the use of QR codes as a way to market a business.

“The type of data gathering we’re doing is rapidly gaining momentum in the UK and is huge in the states. You’re beginning to see QR codes being used by a lot of the large italian restaurant chains, and its beginning to dribble down to smaller SMEs as a way of engaging their target audience.

“NCapture uses its own system to drive people, through the use of personalised urls, onto personalised websites in order to capture client data. That can be in the form of client surveys, surveys performed in store through the use of QR codes, or just data gathering with customers.”

Adam told Bdaily about how marketing through QR codes has gained momentum.

“It’s very mobile friendly, and with something like more than half of web hits now coming through mobile devices, clients can get on to customers and engage with them while they’re on their premises.

“This is more immediate way of marketing, and people are interested in the QR code, using their mobile phones and getting involved in this way. This doesn’t replace print media, it adds to it. Some people will react better to print media than online, and vice versa. Clients can then see which is more effective for them.”

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