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The SEO Works Opens New Sheffield Office

A Sheffield SEO company is welcoming the public in through the doors of its newly opened shop front, to offer a personal touch that most SEO companies simply can’t.

The team at The SEO Works are actually able to meet and get to know their customers, thanks to their open-door policy, whereas most SEO companies deal with clients solely via the internet and over the phone.

The SEO Works is the brainchild of Neil Palmer, who started the company to help local businesses become more visible on the web, thus enabling them to boost their sales.

What is SEO?

Put simply, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a way to get websites to show up higher in Google and other search engines’ results pages, by using specialised techniques. By ranking higher for relevant search terms, a business’s website will get a lot more visits from people already planning on buying what they sell.

Why Working with a Local SEO Company is Better

There are SEO companies all over the world, all of which will happily cater to any business willing to pay them. It can be difficult trying to decide which SEO company to work with, because there are just so many out there.

Some choose to hire the cheapest company they can find, but this doesn’t always yield good results – which defeats the object of outsourcing SEO services in the first place. Some choose the most prestigious SEO company they can find, but this can be expensive as these companies are in high demand and can charge exorbitant rates. And some choose to work with a local SEO company.

A local SEO company understands the local market, and can offer a more targeted campaign – one which is tailored to appeal to the locals by using insider knowledge.

SEO Works: Local SEO Experts

The beauty of The SEO Works is that it’s a local company with a real presence – which means people can visit. Not only does The SEO Works specialise in locally or nationally targeted SEO campaigns, but its open-door policy means it can really get to know its customers and understand their needs.

Sheffield florists Andy and Katie Peckett are delighted with what Neil and the rest of the guys at The SEO Works have accomplished for them, saying, “Neil and the team have been great to work with from day 1. We are impressed by both the results in the rankings and the transparency with the reports we get.”

Mandy White, a Sheffield-based furniture specialist, is also happy with the team’s work: “Having various local search terms at number 1 on Google has improved our turnover and online presence exactly as required.”

Get in touch with Neil and his team at The SEO Works today to see how their experience and expertise in local SEO marketing can help your website rank higher and attract more paying customers. Visit or call free of charge on 0800 292 2410.

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