Actions speak louder than words

As long as the Government favours navel-gazing over hard action on climate change, the UK risks becoming a global laughing stock as international targets are missed. With each government initiative to date either watered down or just downright reversed, is it any wonder that early movers and shakers are frustrated, innovators are struggling to realise their potential, and what should be a booming Great British export is failing to even enter the stadium, let alone start the race!

What current legislation does not do is help and motivate users reduce consumption. If it did, it would achieve the double impact of helping the UK to meet carbon reduction targets while giving businesses and individuals more money in their pockets. While the energy companies won’t be exactly thrilled if people start cutting back on energy usage, this would also give the UK’s struggling supply chain some breathing space, reducing our dependency on raw fuel imports, and boost the competitiveness of British industry by reducing operational costs.

It should be realised that delivering carbon efficiency and stimulating economic growth are not conflicting goals. Energy efficiency, through closer monitoring and reporting of existing consumption, enables direct savings – releasing cash that can be invested elsewhere. In the current climate, that’s got to be a win-win.

The only real solution for UK business is to abandon its strategy of waiting for the government to make up its mind and start reducing its reliance on grid energy by using less through greater energy efficiency – requiring changes in behaviour coupled with changes to infrastructure and energy monitoring.

Duncan Everett

Managing Director

Optimal Monitoring

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