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Atacama picks up the phone to boost sales

Multimedia furniture specialist Atacama has achieved a 20 per cent sales increase on targeted products by ditching the muzak and using its telephone to engage with customers.

The award-winning manufacturer of speaker stands and AV supports charged audio branding specialist PH Media Group with creation of a bespoke on-hold marketing campaign designed to overhaul marketing and customer service.

Now, instead of listening to silence or inappropriate music, customers are greeted by a series of targeted audio marketing messages whenever they call the company’s Leicester head office.

These messages provide information about new and existing products, enhancing customer awareness, as well as seasonally relevant offers and promotions.

“On-hold marketing is the most powerful means of cross-selling we’ve ever had and the resultant increase in sales is testament to that,” said Dennis Greenaway, UK Sales Manager for Atacama.

“It is a powerful way to align your image with your ambitions. Through on-hold marketing, we were able to project exactly the kind of company image we wanted to strive towards and reassure customers they are dealing with a brand they can trust.

“The results have been impressive, showing spikes in both sales and customer service, while delivering a clear return on investment.”

PH Media Group worked with Atacama to put together an audio brand for the company, developing appropriate music and voice to fit its existing brand and business goals.

As a modest, family-run company speaking largely to a B2B audience, Atacama was keen to strike a professional, authoritative tone in order to communicate key information and increase customer perceptions about the company’s size.

The campaign proved a major success, not only delivering an increase in sales but also helping to attract new blue-chip clients.

Almost immediately, once the on hold messages were in place the perceived size of Atacama was greatly enhanced, resulting in both increases in sales opportunities and greater credibility with both new and existing customers.

“Still too few companies realise how powerful the telephone can be as a tool for engaging customers, supporting sales activity and strengthening brand reputation,” said Mark Williamson, Sales and Marketing Director for PH Media Group.

“Companies will always endeavour to answer all calls as quickly as possible but, inevitably, some calls will need to be put on hold. Used correctly, this time can represent a golden opportunity for communicating key messages to an attentive audience.”

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