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Finding the right person for the job

To prevent ‘you’re hired’ from becoming ‘you’re fired,’ it is vital employers make the right recruitment decisions - and a new profiling system is enabling them to do just that.

Finding the right person for the right job – and keeping them – can be easier said than done. Choose well and your business will never look back, get it wrong and the damage to their morale and to your operation is very likely to be considerable.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has indicated that making the wrong recruitment decision can cost your company as much as three times the base salary.

There are also unquantifiable costs – an employee recruited for the wrong position or environment can trigger disruption to both them and the wider workforce. Ultimately, this will have a negative effect on the productivity of the company as a whole.

Employment legislation, too, means that the consequences of having an unprofessional or ineffective recruitment process can be both costly and time consuming – making it more important than ever to have a thorough and consistent process right from the outset.

“Gone are the days when employers could afford to rely on a cv and a brief interview,” said Grant Henderson, CEO of North East-based i3 profiling. “There is simply too much at stake.

“It’s vital that the employer knows as much about their potential employee’s personality and character as they do about their qualifications and skillsets – which is where we come in.”

i3 profiling was developed in South Africa and initially utilised as a tool to help married couples as part of relationship counselling until its potential to help businesses became apparent.

Since then, it has helped hundreds of organisations across the UK and South Africa to gain a better understanding of their existing staff members and help new and existing staff integrate and develop, to reach their personal and professional potential.

As part of its suite of products, i3 recruit, which launched in the North East last month, is an innovative online assessment tool designed to help companies make the right recruitment decisions.

The i3 recruit process is accessed via the i3 profiling website and is simply a one page recruitment report on prospective employees, in conjunction with a one page summary linked to key competencies required within the role – i3 role profile.

“Most of the best known tools of this nature identify people by type,” said Grant. “This means that they slot prospective employees into particular categories which aren’t always accurate and don’t give a fully rounded picture of the person.

“However, our system identifies people by their unique instinctive traits - and that attention to detail results in a very accurate picture of the individual and a much clearer indication of their suitability for a particular job and working environment.

“Finding the right employee is about a great deal more than finding the one with the right levels of skills and experience,” he added. “You need to know how that person is likely to react and respond to the role, how they will fit in with their colleagues and how best to construct a continuous development strategy that will keep them engaged and motivated.”

Further information about i3 can be found at www.i3profiling.com

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