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Companies Will Benefit From The Facebook Reply Button

Does your company really care about the new Facebook reply button?

Well if you’re a business that has a social presence (and that should probably be all of you) the answer should most definitely be yes.

The Facebook Reply button allows companies and users to interact within the comments but in their own individual space, meaning that brands can now have longer and more in depth conversations with their users, without getting lost in hundreds of comments.

Before this new feature followers of pages commented on a status or photo and their comments would just show up in order in the comment box below. Then if a community manager wanted to reply to a specific person they would have to tag them in a post so it showed up in their notifications.

The reply button takes away all of the hassle and allows page admins to easily reply to a given follower and stops followers getting frustrated as they search through comment after comment to see if they have been addressed.

The button not only lets the brand reply to comments but also encourages others to join that specific strand of the conversation, this means that one update could have any given number of mini interactions within it’s comments and personally as a community managers this makes me really excited. It means that people who what to talk about different things don’t have to get bogged down with other comments and they will stick around longer giving your brand more traction.

To sum up why brands with benefit from the reply button

-Conversation rates will increase

-Replying to individual followers will become much easier

-Longer sub conversation can take place within the comments

-Followers will come back to the post to interact (due to notifications)

Currently the feature is optional for users, (I suggest opting YES!) but staring from the 10th of July all Facebook pages will have the feature enabled.

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