Which way is your business looking? Westward? Eastward?

Businesses in the modern digital world have seen prohibiting horizons diminish at the same rate as potential new markets spring up.

As the internet increases it grasp on the world’s economies, cannier businesses are taking note and exploring more and more new commercial avenues at the rate of knots.

Of course, finding the right market is the definitive factor in the success of any enterprise. But with a multitude of possibilities opening up and swathes of information swirling around them, how can your business decide on the key focal markets?

AVG, the provider of business, personal and IT security products has researched and produced a useful shortcut resource for businesses examining international online markets in the form of this interactive infographic.

After listening to small businesses talk about what the definitive KPIs for a potential new market were, AVG researched various indicators to help light the way. These include:

  • The proportion of the country’s population who are online
  • The biggest search engine by market share
  • The biggest social media channel by number of users
  • The split between desktop and mobile usage
  • The average download speed
  • The potential size of the online market

The research reveals some very interesting points which may well come as a surprise to many businesses.

For example, depending on where you want to market your service or product, Facebook is not necessarily the social media dominant force.

Similarly, if you are looking to market a digital product, do you know where the fastest broadband speed (that would ensure the fastest connection of consumer to supplier) is to be located? Answer: South Korea

And which country has the most online users with respective to their population? That’ll be Australia.

Google is the undisputed heavyweight search engine champion of the world, this week it was announced that 25% of the internet’s total traffic can be attributed to it. However, in some crucial areas of the world, like Russia, it is really not as undisputed as you may think.

Businesses looking to clue themselves up as they move from meeting to meeting around the world can use this interactive graphic as quickfire cheatsheet to glean that all important nugget of insight.

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