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Startacus celebrates 1st Birthday with Updated Virtual Workspace

The Northern Ireland based platform, which was launched back at the end of July 2012, celebrated its one year birthday yesterday with some exciting updates to its virtual workspace area.

The Startacus virtual workspace is a unique, private or public dedicated space for individuals or groups to work on their big (or small!) ideas. It’s a place where someone’s early stage business or creative idea can be incubated, where they can work on any element, from concept and design, through to finances or business practicals.

And in their own virtual notebook’ users can record and visualise ‘that idea’ with the images, videos, comments or notes that help them keep track of things as their idea progresses.

Alastair Cameron, Co-Founder of Startacus explained:

“Startacus came about because we realised that although there are lots of great ideas out there being dreamt up every day, when it actually comes to doing anything with those ideas, it can be a whole different story.

Finding the information, the support, the people and the places that can help can be, rather tough - especially if you don’t know where to start looking for the information in the first place. The information and support is there - we just want to facilitate a space that makes it easy for someone to find the network, resources, and business services they need to make their idea a reality.“

Startacus aims to continue to develop its platform into a virtual business incubator - a place which can be used by anyone regardless of where they are based geographically and irrespective of what type of idea they may have.

Alastair went on to explain:

“The support and mentoring that a wannabe self starter, innovator, creative or startup receives should not be location specific, nor does the incubation of that idea need to take place in a physical space. That’s one of our primary objectives for Startacus.

We want it to become a space that anyone with an idea can utilize to access the support, mentoring and services that can help make that idea a reality regardless of where they are based geographically and regardless of what type of idea they have. If we can even help just a few people to realise their ideas and create their own businesses, then it’s ‘job well done’ as far as we see.“

The next aim is to further develop the platform to fully incorporate a virtual incubation space where people with ideas can connect and engage directly with the handholders, services and mentors that can make those ideas a reality.

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