Clare Burnett

Bad news for Yorkshire graduates

The Office of National Statistics released figures that expose a worrying trend for graduates in Yorkshire and the Humber region.

32% of the Yorkshire population was classed as a graduate, that is, between the ages of 21 and 64 (for males) and 59 (for females) with qualifications above A-level standard.

Unemployment rates for Yorkshire were only second to the North East outside London.

Unsurprisingly, London had the highest concentration of graduates, most specifically Inner London, with a 60% concentration of graduates in this area, and 45% in Outer London.

Correlative to these concentrations, there was the highest unemployment rates in the country, in Outer London this equated to 16% graduate unemployment, under the national average of 14%.

This, it was suggested, is due to the average age of graduates in London being approximately 2 years younger than in Yorkshire, where the average age of graduates is 40.

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