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Sheffield’s ITM powering up abroad

Sheffield-based ITM, the energy storage and clean fuel company, with its partners Mainova Aktiengesellschaft and NRM Netzdienste Rhein-Main GmbH, has injected hydrogen into the German gas distribution network.

The Thüga plant is the first to be delivered of £4.5m of equipment being manufactured at ITM Power funded by commercial sales and grant funded collaborative projects.

With an order book of £1.7m and a rapidly developing pipeline of revenue the Thüga delivery marks a significant juncture for ITM Power.

Injecting hydrogen into natural gas networks opens new ways of utilizing electricity through natural gas applications. The idea of this injection is to transform into hydrogen electricity from renewable energy produced outside peak period and to use the hydrogen combined with natural gas for heating, hot water production, or as a fuel.

Michael Riechel, Member of the Board of Thüga Aktiengesellschaft said: “During the current commissioning phase of the Thüga Group’s power-to-gas demonstration plant, the system injected the first ever electrolytically generated hydrogen into the Frankfurt am Main gas distribution network.

“This represents the first ever plant to convert electricity into hydrogen and subsequently inject the hydrogen into the German gas distribution network. “The system worked as planned, so much so that we will go into trial operation in the very near future ahead of final commissioning at the start of 2014”

Phil Doran, MD of ITM Power GmbH commented: “ITM Power is delighted to be have performed the first ever injection of hydrogen into the German gas grid using a PEM electrolyser with our partners in the Thüga Group, and look forward to the official commissioning early next year.”

He also said in a statement: “It is marvellous to see the plant on site here in Frankfurt. Power-to-Gas technology is key to the success of the Energiewende (energy turnaround) and the Thüga Group have a clear understanding of this technology and where it fits for the energy network of the future.”

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