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Packed house for social media event

More than 100 North East entrepreneurs have heard how organisations need to change the way they engage with their audiences through interactive social platforms.

The message was delivered by a leading social media expert and author at an event held by the Entrepreneurs’ Forum today.

Stephen Waddington, President of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and European Digital and Social Media Director of global PR firm Ketchum, gave an insight into the changing world of communications.

Telling the audience that 90% of all media interactions are now screen based and that people spend on average 4.4 hours per day of their own time in front of screens, Mr Waddington said: “There are no boundaries any more between an organisation and its audience. The world is transparent.

“Communications and marketing between an organisation and its audience can no longer be one way. It never should have been.”

The event was hosted by Teesside University, a partner of the Entrepreneurs’ Forum, at its Darlington Campus.

Graham Robb, Board Member of the Entrepreneurs’ Forum and chairman of the event said: “We have already seen a significant migration from traditional media to social platforms and the strength of that movement is such that there is an inevitability that the power of digital media will only become of greater importance. Even in very recent times, social media platforms have become increasingly interactive and entrepreneurs need to be prepared to engage with their audiences, rather than simply broadcast to them.”

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