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Trend Bible

How will consumers be spending their leisure time in 2015 and beyond?

The Future of Recreation

This trend briefing is for companies that need to gain an understanding of how consumers will be spending their leisure time in the future. It is important for those tasked with understanding the future of holidays and day trips, hotels, hobbies, entertainment, relaxation, travel, health and wellbeing, FMCG, housing, retail environments, eating and dining.

Director of Trend Bible, Joanna Feeley, will explore the future of relaxation both at home and in public environments, the key trends filtering from commercial spaces into the home, and look at the shifts in attitude and consumer behaviour that shape the way consumers expect leisure spaces to perform. The seminar will also include a look at the changing shape of ‘downtime’ through leisure pursuits, entertainment and technology, in both social and private spaces.

The trend briefing will cover two major themes for 2015:


The more extreme and intrusive the demands of our working lives, the more determined we become to ring-fence our private space. This theme is all about finding space for quiet contemplation and recuperation, through our environments and the activities we invest in.

Key findings you will discover:

  • The need to de-clutter our mind influences our space at home
  • Consumers are fully invested in mobile technology, but crave engaging physical experiences
  • A new clean design aesthetic creates significant commercial opportunities
  • Commercial environments look to create space for mindfulness
  • Reflection and meditation gain mass appeal
  • Sensorial and engaging materials become important
  • Consumers attitudes embody a new ’simplicity ’ towards work, leisure and home


As work moves into the home and loses its old opposition with play and leisure, shared spaces take on multiple uses. We share, discover, create and actively engage with each other, generating an atmosphere of fun, productivity, surprise results and laughter.

Key findings you will discover:

  • What does a focus on South America mean for the UK leisure industry?
  • The importance of raising a smile in a post-recessional retail landscape
  • New status and values emerge on the back of a new shift in attitude for consumers
  • Creativity and customer interaction adopts a central role in public spaces
  • The importance of play as an adult concern
  • The need for rejuvenation

This seminar will be held in London at Material Lab on the 8th May, and Manchester at Twenty Twenty Two on the 15th May. Open to industry professionals only.

For enquiries or bookings contact: or visit:

Still and Exuberance are two of four trends explored in more depth in our 2015 Consumer Lifestyle and Home Environment report.

Those attending this briefing will be entitled to a 20% discount on this report which normally retails at £600 + VAT.

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