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Trojan Utilities welcomes 100,000th customer

Trojan utilities provided a champagne service and helped the UK’s leading provider of prepayment gas and electricity meters, Utilita Energy, reach their 100,000th smart meter installation customer with a bubbly congratulation.

Utilita customer Mr Gavin, from Manchester, opened his door to a bottle of champagne and a huge thank you for being the customer that has helped Utilita reach a smart meter installation landmark.

As the Northern installation partner for Utilita Energy, Bolton based Trojan Utilities installed the free electricity smart meter in 20 minutes completing the necessary safety checks. Trojan engineer Tommy Appleby says: “There’s a 30 stage process we go through, it’s never been so tight, it means we can complete the installation quickly and walk away confident the electric and/or gas is safe to leave”.

Once fitted, customer Mr Gavin claimed he wasn’t ‘computerised’, “I’m not up on all that. I’m still in the Stone Age me”. But his tune quickly changed when Tommy talked through how to use the secure handset. “Well that’s easy; I can tell all of that from the screen.”

Thanks to Tommy’s expert tuition Mr Gavin will now be able to monitor his energy usage and maximise his savings all through his new touch screen energy monitor.

Stephanie Morris, Marketing Manager at Utilita Energy says: “Trojan’s service was impressive, we couldn’t help notice the efficiency in which Tommy worked, he completed the installation quickly but made sure he took his time talking through how to use the Secure Handset with Mr Gavin, explaining each touch screen page, the ‘Emergency’ and ‘Friendly Credit’ features and what to do in the case of problems”.

Trojan Utilities specialises in the installation and maintenance of domestic Smart Meters throughout the UK; including the installation and maintenance of traditional domestic gas and electric meters.

With an infrastructure now established for national operations the company is supporting Government legislation to lower the carbon footprint of the UK by replacing the metering system currently in place with that of smart metering – to date they are currently installing 1,000 smart meters per week.

Utilita Energy is the leading provider of prepayment gas and electricity in the UK, offering a simple, user friendly and competitively priced service to lower income and energy conscious households. Each member of our fast growing customer base has the ability to view their energy usage at the push of a button via a modern smart metering system.

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