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How a well-designed and printed banner can make all the difference to your business…

How a well-deigned and printed banner can make all the difference to your business…

Every business needs to be constantly thinking and pro-active in terms of marketing and advertising. Gone are the days when you could place an advert in the local paper, sit back and wait for the phone to ring.

Online marketing activities, from pay per click adverts through to the al important social signals on social media are only one part of the complex marketing equation. Depending on the product and services you offer, your business may still need a visual, physical presence.

One way of doing this is to be on the ‘conference circuit’; a great place to meet new and prospective clients, court new contracts and really place yourself as a market leader, conferences can be worth their weight in gold. However, there is one downside with ‘the conference’ – it congested and you simply must stand out OR, you risk being lost in the waving banners and free key rings.

Effective banner printing, of high quality print and an effective design is one way of inviting people to come on over and check you out!

And so banner printing needs to be BIG, bold and different – not too big a dilemma to solve…? Or is it? The answer is in two parts:

Part 1: The content of your banner

Effective banner printing gives clear information to your prospective clients or audience but there are several sure-fire ways of drawing people to your stand or pop-up event such as:

Invite people to an event – events, parties, grand openings, try out sessions, seminars… the list goes on but getting people to engage with an event is a great ways of using high quality banner printing services Create a sense of excitement – and this comes down to the quality of the banner printing, as well as the graphics and the colours. Fit your design and colours to your brand or event Deals or offers – there is nothing like a decent offer or money-off deal to grab the attention; after all, the idea behind many of these conference style events is to ‘sell’ your products or services. Launch a new product or service – and shout about it from your banners!

Stuck for ideas and inspiration? Bounce ideas off colleagues or try some online hints and tips

Part 2: avoiding the design pitfalls

But, the content is half the answer, with the remaining half being about the effective design of your banner (coupled with high quality banner printing). Here is how to avoid the ‘damp squib’ with your banners…

Easy to read – with large lettering, with the usual mix of capitals and small case lettering (from a distance the brain will make out the shape of words easier this way). Contrasting colours also draw attention to specific details.

Long the subject of fierce debate, the type of font you opt for on your banner also tells the customer a lot about you and your business; follow one line of thought about how the right font creates the ‘right’ impression

Contact information – many people forget to add this in the first place and when they do, it tends to get hidden within the graphic and text. Give this information its own separate space, boxed off and easy to recognise.

Simplicity – a frequent mistake is a message that is too wordy; simplify it so that the ‘flowery’ words are gone! Proofread – and proofread again! Preferably get a fresh set of eyes to check out the content and ask them what impression or message they get from the banner (you might be surprised to learn it is not what you think or are aiming for…) Use them – don’t spend all this time designing banners for them to remain locked in a dusty cupboard BUT, choose where you put them to catch the right people at the right time

High quality banner printing really does enhance your message – and make all the difference to your business! These Banners can be purchased from Colour Graphics

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