Boston Spa School

Boston Spa school unveils principal fitness suite

Boston Spa School services nearly 2000 students in the Weatherby area, and just this week has opened a community fitness facility. The suite will offer 11 group sessions, along with 14 classes for those interested in improving their physical fitness.

The classes and exercise sessions will be lead by the owner of Principal Fitness, Charlie Hobson. He says that he wants to bring the priorities and philosophy of Principal Fitness to the Boston Spa School fitness suite. His hope is that this facility will become a hub of the community, providing ample space and equipment, as well as necessary training, for its members.

School sports has been under critisim in the past from experts stating that children do not get a proper workout which help to develop coordination, strength and agility. Specialists have also stated that too often physical education relys on developing sports skills instead of pushing for flexibility and movement.

Hobson said that the location is perfect, since Boston Spa School already has a reputation as a “specialist sports school”. His hope is that the school and Principal Fitness can team together to engage staff, students, and parents in the pursuit of healthy lifestyles. He further hopes that members of the community will become involved.

It seems other schools are following suit as Etonbury Academy in Bedfordshire have also submitted an application for a fitness centre, sports pitch and carpark.

The move comes in response to the popularity of gyms and online personal trainers, and the demand for access to high quality training facilities. Spokespersons for the school are excited about showing off their beautiful facilities, and Hobson says that he would like to invite each resident to participate in a free class. There are 4 classes being offered for one free lesson: “Beginner Bootcamp”,“Spartan Circuits”, “Power Burn”, and “Booty Box”. These workout regimens are among the most popular at the Principal Fitness facilities across the UK.

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