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New research has revealed that the average small business loses ï¿¡26,725 revenue a year simply by missing incoming phone calls.

In an effort to inspire ambitious startups and small businesses to manage their calls better, virtual phone service everreach has commissioned THE BIG CALL, a new documentary starring three of Britain’s top entrepreneurs.

Fragrance queen Jo Malone MBE, millionaire plumber Charlie Mullins and advertising legend Mark Denton each talk about a single call that transformed their business lives.

The film was released after research found over a quarter (28 per cent) of all phone calls to small businesses are new income related. The findings show that small businesses effectively managing their calls could earn over ï¿¡500 more a week.

THE BIG CALL was filmed and directed by BAFTA-nominated filmmaker Gary Tarn.


Jo Malone MBE, Founder of JO LOVES

Despite being severely dyslexic, Jo Malone built the brand carrying her name from a kitchen table business to one of the world¹s most famous fragrance empires in the world. She discovered her gift for scent as a 16 year-old working in a florist and was later awarded an MBE for her services to the beauty industry. Jo talks about the call that kick-started her second fragrance business JO LOVES and brought her life full-circle back to the steps of the flower shop she first worked at as a teenager.

Charlie Mullins, Founder of Pimlico Plumbers

Charlie Mullins is the archetypal entrepreneur having started his business from scratch and built it into a multi-million pound enterprise. From humble beginnings growing up on an estate in South London, Charlie left school with no qualifications but after a four-year plumbing

apprenticeship he started out on his own. The call that changed his life gave him his first office and inadvertently his company name, Pimlico Plumbers. 20 years on the business has 220 staff, 160 vans and a turnover in excess of ï¿¡20 million.

Mark Denton, Founder of COY! Communications

Mark Denton is one of the most respected commercial directors in the world. He has been a partner of a famous advertising agency, the owner of a design company, launched numerous magazines and put on the UK¹s first ever World Championship Mexican Wrestling event ­ picking up over 470 awards along the way. Mark reveals how his local clairvoyant predicted his entrepreneurial path and how he waited two years for the call that put his name on the door of the hottest agency in town.

Nick Mullen, CEO of everreach, comments: “There has never been a better

time to launch and grow a small business in the UK. Recent legislation such as the Home Business initiative makes it easier to start a business and technology services like everreach help micro businesses manage their calls and grow into big businesses. Charlie Mullins, Jo Malone and Mark Denton can all trace their success back to a single phone call so hopefully their stories will inspire small businesses to take control of their calls as you never know when a big one will ring in.²


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