Richard Mills, inventor and business development manager of Swellaway Ltd.
Clare Burnett

Sheffield inventor and entrepreneur gets backing from Manchester Utd's Wayne Rooney

A Sheffield entrepreneur’s medical invention, Swellaway, has recieved financial backing from Manchester United after contacting Wayne Rooney via email.

Richard Mills, the inventor and business development behind Swellaway Ltd. received several hundred thousand pounds after contacting the Manchester United captain, to see if he would be interested in investing in his revolutionary Swellaway device.

He was invited to Old Trafford The Swellaway uses electronics in a neoprene sleeve treating both human and animal injuries by cooling, heating and compressing.

The firm spent £150k on worldwide patents, a seven-figure funding deal which is in the pipeline, and product launches.

Richard said: “I am very excited about our future at Swellaway, the years of research and development are really starting to take traction now, next year’s launch is gearing up perfectly.

“We are just in the final throws of securing our extra investment for the launch via our advisors Acceleris based in Manchester.

“By undertaking thorough market research, including beta product development, surveys and product testing, we’ve been able to identify a massive gap in the market and closely align Swellaway with high value customer needs.

“Having secured backing from Manchester-based venture capitalist Acceleris Capital and other investors including Wayne Rooney, we’re now ready to start commercialising this innovative product and take it to market.”

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