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Social acts of kindness

November 13th marks the annual day dedicated to random acts of kindness. National Kindness Day ( has been celebrated in the UK since 2005 and is designed to make kindness more present in our everyday lives.

Nowadays kindness is more important than ever as the internet provides more ways for people to be unkind to others. Social media has made instances on cyber bullying and trolling a reality so our experts at O want to help you avoid nastiness and spread kindness over the internet.

So today, our online act of kindness is to give you some top tips on how you can be kind on Social Media and cheer up somebody’s day…

Share the good stuff! You can use sites such as Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. to write and share stories that will raise your follower’s spirits. From blogging helpful tips to simply creating a meme that makes people smile, create content with helpfulness and fun in mind and others will share it too.

Wait: Never ever comment or share information on social media without checking your facts. Jumping on the bandwagon can be dangerous.

Support: In the last year, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Cancer Research ‘No Makeup Selfie’ have taken social media by storm. These light-hearted charity campaigns are fun with a serious purpose… don’t be afraid to support them. You can also show your support for a victim of online intimidation, simply send them a kind direct message of reassurance. You don’t need to publicly stand up to trolls to be against them.

Think: When composing your next post, ask yourself is it true, necessary, or unkind? On platforms like Facebook and Twitter, many people publish their thought process numerous times a day and it becomes very easy to neglect who it may affect. It’s easy to forget how many people will read these thoughts, so before you publish you’re next post, take a moment to think if the impact of it – is it positive or could someone take offence?

Reach out: from liking someone’s photo to asking in a Facebook status, “Is there anything I can do to help you with today?” No matter how subtle or bold your gesture is, it’s sure to make someone out there smile.

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