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Cut costs with outsourcing application development services

When you outsource application development services from vendors, they surprise you with their expensive offerings. Here we got five major strategies that will help you to avoid such vendors and determine all hidden costs to save expenses.

1. Don’t Pay Heed to Fixed-Price Model

A fixed price may sound you truly attractive as it puts you at ease by lowering the budgetary uncertainty. Sadly, many overseas IT development companies offering outsourcing facilities lure you into a deal and pull out your core money later. You have to understand that high-quality application development services can never available with ‘fixed-price’ label. You need to work with the vendor who is ready to invest his time to determine the functionality of the application.

2. Mark Down all Essential Features

This will help you in avoiding skipping of any of the critical features that complete your software application. During the commencement of the project, the vendor has to determine the app functionality at the end. It sounds simple process, but many outsourced companies neglect it. Make sure you select a vendor that relies on agile approach to accomplish in his mission- to provide you comprehensive app solution. You should avoid working with those vendors who always prefer to tackle the easy parts at the starting of the project.

3. Taking Interviews is a Right Step Ahead

When outsourced vendor tries to grab your attention over impressive resumes of the developers working with him, make sure all the points mention in the resumes are valid. There are many vendors who promise to bring qualified and skilled professionals for hiring services, but not all of them are good at their promises. You can simply investigate the turnover rates of the vendor. Ask references to ensure the team is efficient to work on your project and has already worked on similar project before. Take interviews of the developers before giving your project to them and try to coordinate with them to ensure they are really working for you.

4. Develop A Communication Plan

Some vendors try to keep you out of the lane of the process. They may ask you to sign deal and then reconnect in six months after completion of the application- this is what we call disaster. You must opt for a company that will keep you in the loop and make regular updates regarding processes.

5. Go for the Vendor Who Understands Your Business

Having a better understanding vendor for your business app solution is a rare part. Not every vendor is good at understanding and when you get the vendor to outsource application development services, sign the deal (don’t forget to look at above points as well).

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