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Tradedoubler launches solution for improving international shopping experiences

According to research by Nielsen, half (47%) of visitors expect a website to load in less than two seconds, and 40% will leave if the loading process takes more than three seconds.[1] Slow loading times can often be experienced by international users visiting European websites which for advertisers can lead to a loss of sales and possible damage to a brand’s reputation.

In an effort to solve this issue and provide new opportunities, Tradedoubler, the performance marketing specialist, has launched a new Global Capabilities solution available to advertisers and publishers all over the world and comprising Global Tracking and Global Payments.

Global Tracking supports businesses through reliable global ad serving and tracking wherever a transaction takes place. The new solution uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to replicate Tradedoubler’s tracking servers in the cloud across the globe. The server network automatically directs users to the server that will provide the best experience for them: improving loading speed and tracking reliability five-fold to support sales and brand engagement.

Global Payments enables publishers to receive all payments in the currency of their choice, regardless of programme currency. This simplifies book-keeping and minimises currency exchange risk, which can be significant for total transactions amounting to thousands of pounds. Advertisers are then invoiced in the currency of the programme used.

Jeff Johnston, VP Product Management at Tradedoubler says: “The launch of Global Capabilities sets us apart from competitors who still do not have a truly worldwide offering. Our Global Tracking solution improves performance and offers lightning speed response times anywhere in the world. Our Global Payments technology eradicates the need to set up and administer foreign currency accounts. I am confident that we can now provide a multitude of new and exciting opportunities for clients who need a truly global performance marketing solution. “

[1] Source: Usability Engineering, Jakob Nielsen

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