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How to Improve App Listing in Google Play

For any developer, their job is just not done by creating an awesome application which is functioning its best, but it also expects some other procedure to be followed to achieve a good listing on the app store. This procedure includes making of an app description, logo and a proper keyword analysis. Here we are listing some of the ways which will help you out to perfect your mobile app and achieve a good listing in the Google Play Store.

App store optimization is a key to unlock the doors of reaching the best application downloads and increasing an app listing on any of the app store. The higher your app will be listed on the app store, the more visible it will be on the store and thus it will directly effect to the app downloads. This increased visibility of your application will lead into more traffic to your application page on the app store. ASO is the main tool to direct more and more traffic to your app page on the app store, so that users can perform an action of downloading your application.

App Description

Apparently, any developer will need an application description that will describe his app and let the people know about it’s functionality by stating it’s features. Your description works as a weapon, which will help you to represent your app and drag users towards it self. Users are for sure going to have a look at your app description before downloading it, thus it depends on a description that how interestingly you are representing your app. While writing up an app description, people should keep some of the points in their mind like they should avoid using reviews of his app from review section or from another review site. Recently Google has banned developers doing this in their content.

App Keywords

While talking about an application and app store, keyword plays the most important role. its very important for every developer to make a proper keyword analysis and place them into description. its kind of a procedure like SEO for websites.

App Logo

An Application logo or we can say that an app icon is also one of the most important thing. This is the first thing any user will see while surfing an app store. The logo will be there on an app store with the app name and developer’s name. Application icon must be attractive that it can grab user’s attention and then user will have an idea of app going through it.

App Name

Like app icon, the app name is also the thing which will reflect your application on the store. It serves a first impression of any application for potential users. App store is having its own rules, for developers which they must have to follow to submit their app. Developer can’t use terms like ANDROID in their app name, INSTAGRAM if he has an app for instagram. The app name must be interesting and eye catchy so that it can light up the user’s focus.

App Screenshots

While thinking of application submission to the store, each store will allow developers to submit application screenshots so that user can have an idea about application UI and features visibly. When ever an app is updated, a developer can also update its screenshots on the app store. Many of the users are taking an overall idea of particular app by referring its screen shots and then make a decision of weather to download it or not.

App Video

Google play store allows developers to add an application video so that users can get a quick idea about the application and its various features. The video will introduce your self and your application to the users. The app video must not be too long as no user is going to watch long application video before downloading it, it should be short including overall functionality and process flow of an application.

App Category

Google play store is offering a wide range of app category to developer, to select for their app. Categories include social, finance, game, entertainment, lifestyle, travel, photography, communications etc. Developer needs to be sure about the category of their application so that user can easily search for an application by its category.

App Reviews

App Reviews are like a gold mine for any developer, as from them he will come to know if users are liking the concept and various functionality of application or not. Google play allows developer of an application to respond to particular review, thus a developer can get a platform to have a conversation with its user directly.

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