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Finding the Perfect Button Down Shirt For Work

Pitch to Rich has taken over this past weekend in a last minute attempt to solicit as many votes as possible. There is one business that grabs our attention.

Millions of women all over the world struggle to find corporate wear, shirts especially that do not gape at the busts and leave an unsightly hole for colleagues to peer into. Ufeli Ani of Shirts & Shifts Ltd aims to solve this problem. She is one of the entrants to the Pitch to Rich competition and still needs over 4000 votes to get her idea in front of Sir Richard Branson. With less than 24 hours to go, the race is on for this young entrepreneur.

Her idea is simple, to make corporate wear with more bust room. You can search for her page ‘Shirts & Shifts by Ufeli Ani’ on the Pitch to Rich website.

Business really is about solving people’s problems and this one has a whole twitter hash tag and several blogs dedicated soley to it. #bigboobprobs

Find Ufeli_Ani on twitter and join in the race to 4000 votes

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