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May Be Its Vulnerability Of Apps Making Android App Developers Little Worried

Unlike iOS applications, android apps seem more vulnerable to developers in terms of security and user data safety. professional android app developers believe that it is the lack of security standards on android platform and less control on approvals in Google store and everywhere else, making android development risky.

The IT development market is having two opposite spectrum ends for mobile app development. One is iOS and other is Android platform. Apple controls its app store and devices, but android only regulates app store and leave software in third-party developers’ hands and creativity in hardware in hardware vendors’ hands.

Apple has released strict development guidelines for app developers. It offers specialized app development tools and framework along with tight security and app qualities. There is hardly any loophole present in Apple security. It offers advance technologies to meet great user experience along with high performance of app.

This is how Apple comes over the top of the list considered by app developers. Majority of users prefer iOS for their security and privacy of data exchanges.

Google play is an android app marketplace and giving tough competition to iOS development community. Android developers have liberty to do app marketing in any app marketplace. Google hardly care about hardware control, but due to excessive software and hardware fragmentations, security and app performance standards are becoming riskier for development teams.

For android development, there are no special development tools and frameworks that ensure high security in latest cloud computing and wearable era. Thus, the security issues are more in case of android apps development.

Who are the culprits?

In the presence of loopholes, android developers suffer a lot and catch maximum audience of android operating system and devices users dealing with security issues. There are strong frameworks for app development by Google, but not all android apps are developed by programmers using high end tools and frameworks. But they use specialized cross-platform technologies and tools to make app intriguing and best fitted in growing market.

Customizations are empowering developers to design most intricate yet robust and creative app solutions for corporate world. Android app developers are leveraging on cross-platform app development technology to bring the best result-oriented app solutions that could run across different devices. Vulnerability issue is still present, but developers are making efforts and learning the techniques to deal with such issues.

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