Overview Of Incredible Features Available With Visual Studio 2015
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Overview-Incredible Features Available With Visual Studio 2015

Visual studio 2015 has changed the way how web, desktop and mobile apps were developed by asp.net MVC developers in past and how they are developed today. Visual studio 2015 has very proud features that make asp.net MVC developers proud and enables them to design more powerful apps using Visual Studio 2015 that users can be benefitted from. There are major C++ enhancements, powerful tools, and android emulator to help asp.net MVC development team. Let us jump straight into matter and look into powerful features available with Visual Studio 2015.

  • Custom layout of Windows

When you are working together on multiple devices then this feature works incredible. Suppose you are writing code using some programming interface and you have to switch to monitor screen then it can be done quickly. There is also facility of using keyboard shortcuts that allows you to browse windows layout you have created earlier. In this way, you can access your favorite layout within seconds without interrupting your work.

  • Improved Code editing experience

Code editing has become much flexible than it was done earlier. The improved code editor allows you to enjoy flexible code editing and it is easy to detect error and fixing them. There is different color scheme that will show errors and bugs clearly. The best part is that one light bulb will appear and it will give you suggestions as well how to improve code to make it better.

Sometimes, when we are not sure how to improve code then we remove statements unnecessary that may affect performance of program at the end. In few cases, developers have to spend hours to remove these bug that is quite tough and irritating too. Here, code editor is something that helps you like a good friend. It suggests code improvements and also previews how final project will look like. Although code editor is already available in earlier versions of Visual Studio but now it has been combined with Rosyln to make it more efficient and productive for asp.net MVC developers.

  • Project sharing is easy now

How many times you have to share project during asp.net MVC development. Now sharing will be possible with a single click by Visual studio’s Share Project feature.

  • Debugging Lambdas

Final improvement is Lambda expressions debugging in Visual Studio 2015. This is a bonus edition by Microsoft that will rock the programming world and coding will be much easier for asp.net MVC developers.

We will keep updating you on Visual Studio enhancements and similar features in future as well. Stay tuned with us.

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