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Tips for choosing the best mobile app development platform

Looking to develop your own mobile app? Just cannot decide which platform to choose?

With mobile apps becoming the center of smartphones, people of all ages find it difficult to take their hands off their mobiles anytime of the day or night. Developing a mobile app of your own seems the best thing to do but this is where the big question comes in which is – which mobile app development platform should I go for?

Decide What You Need

It’s easy to try and aim for everything. However, do not forget the USP of the app – focus on that as that’s going to be the selling point. With the app development platform environment growing rapidly year after year, it is essential to make the right choice which sets the basis for your app and these factors aim to do just that.

1. Analyze the target audience – It is your target audience which plays a vital role in helping you choose your mobile app development platform. With iOS and Android enjoying a larger user base than Blackberry and Windows, it does make sense to opt for a more popular one to engage more and more users with your app.

2. Focus on profits – Every mobile app development platform offers different profits and rewards for an app developer and this is why using a platform with a huge user base assures big profits and earnings from the app.

3. Type of features included – Building an app which has complex features is not an easy job and requires a platform which can help deliver such features easily. Analyze the options available to check on which platform do these features run smoothly and choose accordingly.

4. Offer a consistent experience – A good app development platform will ensure that the app develop can quickly deliver a consistent experience and a continuing stream of apps which produce desired results and complete high-end tasks easily.

5. Piracy – Mobile app developers must consider piracy issues of development platforms and opt for the one which has the least of piracy issues related to it. Android apps can be easily pirated and installed on other devices but iOS apps need to be validated by Apple before download making it more secure. Google’s platform has received much criticism because unofficial apps are easy to find and install.


The most common type of mobile app development platforms are Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry; all of which have their own set of pros and cons which need to be considered when developing an app. However, keep in mind that the platform on which you can work efficiently and bring out unique and amazing mobile apps on is just the one for you!

The right app development company can help you design an app that’s right for you. Remember, choosing the right platform is just the beginning.

360 Degree Technosoft is a leading mobile app development company with more than 5+ years of experience in mobile apps development for iOS and Android platforms. We have dedicated team of app developers with expertise in creating mobile apps.

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