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Custom enterprise apps – what makes them so popular?

The real power of mobile devices is attributed to the apps that run on them. According to research by Salesforce, apps “boost worker productivity by more than 34%”.

However, there is a debate in the industry, Build vs. Buy. An omnibus survey shows, around 81% of IT decision makers preferred customized, enterprise grade applications over pre-packaged software.

The survey findings clearly indicate a major shift towards development of enterprise grade applications. To clarify this further, we’ve listed down some of the reasons why deploying customized enterprise applications is the best bet.

Tailor Made for Every Business

According to a survey, around 51% of IT decision makers prefer custom software over pre-packaged software as it meets unique needs of the business. Every business is unique in its processes and operations. Custom software is built with all these considerations.

It is equipped with the functionality compatible with company’s unique processes. These tailor-made enterprise applications give decision makers’ access to vital information and systems from any place/device.

The efficiency provided by customized enterprise applications cannot be matched with off-shelf applications.

Better Scalability and Adaptability

According to a survey, 92% of business executives agreed that custom applications could help companies take faster and smarter decisions. Around 72% of survey respondents believed that pre-packaged software cannot keep up with the pace of operational change.

According to Jeffery Cohen, off-the-shelf apps are slow when it comes to adapting to the industry’s changing needs. Custom software offers higher scalability and modifications can be made quickly. Since companies opting for custom software have complete ownership of the end product, they can easily upgrade the software to align their business processes to any shifts in the industry.

Faster Updates

A survey finding reveals 46% of IT decision makers prefer custom enterprise applications as they offer more flexibility. Off-the-shelf applications allow only limited alterations and the buyer has no control over what will be added in new releases.

Custom software allows companies to have immediate fixes, enhancements, and upgrades. In addition, firms can also have their own upgrade schedule. With made-to-order applications, obsolete features can be discarded and new features added.

Better Security

As per Veracode findings, an average large enterprise has around 2400 unsafe apps running in its environment.

The most alarming aspect is that these apps often reveal sensitive information to suspicious overseas locations. This sets the stage for intellectual property theft, corporate espionage, and other illegal activities that damage business.

The CDW report states, enterprises prefer custom mobile apps for reasons such as Data security (77%), Data availability (74%), alignment with overall business strategy (68%), and user application needs (67%).

These are just some of the reasons why custom mobile application development is becoming increasingly important in the ever-changing enterprise technology landscape.

Does your organization use a custom enterprise app? Let us know in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

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