Essential Steps to Measure ROI for Enterprise Mobility
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Right metrics to evaluate success of your enterprise mobile application

Mobile application development offer amazing possibilities for businesses presenting your business a chance to be in the hands of users. Thus it’s vital to add a lot of value to your app. Like if you think that you’re done by justdeveloping and releasing a mobile app, then that’s certainly not enough. Your app will be successful when you apply Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), besides the app’s success must be constantly measured in order to enhance branding, revenue and more user engagement, with the use of suitable metrics to attain these target goals. Here we will be discussing some essential key app metrics to analyze and see how these parameters are helpful in evaluating your mobile application success.

App crash rate: When your app is rightly programmed then it is certain to not get crashed, still app stability can be ascertained on the basis of overall mobile experience consisting of mobile platform, app type, usage, maturity and a lot more. Usually two to three percent of app get crashed, whereas nowadays the crash rates of Android 6.0 and iOS 9 are 2.52 percent and 2.70 percent, respectively.

Application latency: Latency is in regard to the round-trip time from a request related to a response. Now what works best is that you optimize a one-second response time. Like, as you track API latencies, it’s advised to keep an eye o the entire response time for applications to command the APIs. Data reveals that around 60 percent of users are likely to abandon the transaction or there are chances of them deleting the app in case the total response time exceeds three to four seconds.

Application load: This parameter is in regard of the transaction number and calls made during a particular time interval. Like first you must see how the application can be grown faster and also know how to deal with large number of users simultaneously. With the increase of the load, the app’s performance must not go down and you must know the way to deal with unexpected changes in load during app usage spikes without the speed being compromised.

DAU v. MAU: App loyalty matters a lot as it comes to assessing the app success. Around 50 million apps get downloaded everyday while 95 percent of apps get discarded each month. Don’t you feel the need of appropriate measures to deal with this issue? Start by evaluating daily active users (DAU) and monthly active users (MAU) trends. This way you can have an imperative statistic on active and engaged users’ app usage behavior. The data can be used to find out how in-app offers would sway mobile app usage pace while it also brings to close the functioning of new features and marketing campaigns.

With the use of these key mobile app metrics, you can easily measure your enterprise mobile app. So now you are aware of the crucial parameters to evaluate the existing app’s performance, start tracking data in order to enhance app performance as well as take appropriate action to fix the errors and shortcomings of your app so that it turns out to be a huge success in the app stores.

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