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As we return to work at the start of a new year, it is often a time for reflection - for looking back at what has been achieved within the previous year, but also, and more importantly, for looking to the future. Businesses nationwide will no doubt be facing some challenging issues in these uncertain times, with limited time or resources to address them - a strategic business project from Durham University Business School can help you tackle these issues.

Taking place from June to September, the business project forms the concluding part of Durham University Business School’s MBA and Masters programmes and is a cost-effective way of obtaining expertise. Students work across all sectors and functions, applying their skills and knowledge to deliver ideas and recommendations to take your business forward.

The process is straightforward – simply submit your project ideas via an online scoping document before Friday 20 January 2017 (scopes submitted later than this date will still be considered). Following an event which gives each organisation an opportunity to meet the Business School students and discuss their projects with them, a connection is then facilitated.

Interested in finding out more? Visit Durham University Business School’s business pages at www.durham.ac.uk/business/bp

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