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Duncan Pattinson

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In today’s comparison driven market we all want the best deal possible.

The best deal could be price or it could be convenience. What we do know is that we do want a system where we can compare like for like costs, services.

Moving House is no exception. It’s a big deal for most and moving costs soon mount up.

We Help You Too Ltd that manages the Homebuyer Conveyancing panel has chosen key partners that value the importance of providing a service that Homebuyers and Investors need. Transparent conveyancing quotes can be compared online by price, location and by Mortgage Lender with no personal details taken.

The purpose of the Homebuyer Panel is for members to enjoy high conversion rates from their introduced Homebuyer, Investor enquiries. The conveyancing quotes fully display what is included.

Homebuyers can compare online accurate conveyancing quotes without the worry of being contacted, when quite simply they are just calculating their conveyancing costs ready for their potential future move.

When Customers are ready, they can take a quote away and book a time for their chosen Conveyancer to call.

Instant Conveyancing Calculator

Member Solicitors see the importance of showcasing their pricing and are now placing an instant conveyancing calculator on their website. The purpose is for their website visitors to fully understand what the cost of conveyancing would be, should they decide to choose that particular firm.

Wake Up Call

Many Homebuyers, Investors realise they need to find a Solicitor once an offer has been accepted on a property they are selling or buying. They need to find a solicitor rapidly to pass on those legal details to the Sales Agent. It’s easy to understand now why it makes sense to provide as much information as possible on a website, for a potential Client to feel comfortable to instruct promptly, so they can get moving.

Add Value To Your Customer Proposition

Mortgage Brokers, Estate Agents are moving forward with the times and they are beginning to follow the many online selling portals that are getting it right. The right thing of course is to provide Customers choice and where the Consumer journey eases the hassle of making important decisions.

If Brokers and Agents cannot provide choice or they can’t provide the tools for the Homebuyer to make their own choices, then they will lose market share.

Retail Therapy. The New kids On The Block

It maybe simple, but we do know that comparison websites that provide the personal touch get it right. No one likes being told what they must do.

Consumer Choice Wins Every Time.

Face to face will never be replaced but we can add value to how the Homebuyer, Investor makes a choice and then subsequently wants to get in touch with the right Conveyancing Solicitor, Mortgage Broker.

Price, location and Mortgage Lender all play an important part in getting it right.

Provide a Conveyancing comparison service to your Customers and go live in under an hour. We are here to help so please do get in touch.

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