Questions to Ask a Local Dance School

Before sending your child to a local dance school, it’s important that you do some research on the program and its instructors. Many people open up dance studios these days, and not all of them are equally qualified to teach. Even if they are, the school itself might not be the best option for your child.

Here are some questions to ask when doing your research.

What kind of dancing do you teach?

Your child should choose a dance style that makes him or her happy. Some little girls may dream of becoming ballerinas while others would have more fun hip hop dancing or other forms of modern dancing. There is also fun in versatilty, so you might want to look into a school that offers a variety of dance classes.

What is the scheduling like?

Does the school offer a flexible schedule that won’t interfere with your child’s current daily schedule or your own work schedule? Ideally, the school’s website should have the schedule avaialble for you to look at. How long is each class? How many classes are scheduledf or each week? Is there room for flexibility? If any class is scheduled due to bad weather, will it be rescheduled?

What kind of dance shoes do students need?

Students dancing for long intervals with regular shoes will end up with sore feet. Having a good pair of tap dance shoes or ballet slippers is a must. The dress code will likely vary depending on which class your child is signed up for. Ask if you will be required to buy the outfits or if they are included in the tuition fee.

Who are the teachers?

Not just anybody has what it takes to be a good dance teacher. It doesn’t matter how great of a dancer an individual may be, he or she still might not be good at actually teaching it. A good teacher is someone who keeps training in dance, even if he/she has been dancing for years. It’s always changing and requires ongoing dedication. It’s also essential that the teacher is someone who knows how to work well with children, and has experience teaching them dancing.

Does the school have performances and recitals?

Performance is a key aspect of dance education. Children should get a chance to show off their accomplishments to relatives, friends, and community. It gives them a sense of responsibility and confidence.

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