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Practical Steps in the Translation of Documents

Recently, in Mars Translation, the initiative of free translations for non-profit organizations, they asked us for information on how to carry out the translation of a document or file in a professional manner.

Thus, we have created this article that we hope can serve to anyone (professional or not) who wants to translate texts from one language to another to do so in a more systematic and professional manner.

I leave you with the article of Aliana, translated from English. As always, if you know people who might be useful, share it with them! Left you’ll find a few buttons to do so.

About the translation

The translation is the product of a series of processes: it is not only a simple transfer of information from one language to another and that is what makes it (currently) in an impossibility for any machine.

Then you will talk about the steps that allow you to translate documents in a more methodical and professional way.

To get a quality translation and to be read well in your target language, it is very useful to follow a system. For this reason, it can be very useful to follow a methodology well structure.

You can read the article from beginning to end, or jump from one title to another according to what interests you most.

Before you start translating

The process of making a translation not focuses only on the Yes. translation It is a very wide in which process stages pre and post translation are crucial. To get an idea of the task we have ahead, it might be useful to sign up a few points and key questions that we must ask ourselves before any translation work.

Accept the fact that there is a ‘perfect’ translation

Ask yourself, how long have to finish the translation?

What about text?, do know the subject?

Who is for translation?, who’s going it to read?

It accepts that a ’perfect’ translation there is

Many translators live immersed in the pursuit of perfection. Although being a perfectionist is an admirable quality, it is inevitable that why not we reach never feel fully satisfied. In fact, a perfectionist mentality can affect us in a very negative way in the world of translation, since the ‘perfect’ translation is practically non-existent. Once the translator accepts this fact you will be able to translate much more quickly and with much more fluidity.

The deadline for a translation

Like everyone, translators also have to work within deadlines and each translation should be a date limit, because if not, we will tend to lengthen the execution indefinitely.

You to be able to deliver the translation within the agreed term will depend on several factors:

Other commissions

All translators should take a detailed record of all orders are carried out at the time, along with a record of the respective deadlines. Here is more information about how to become a great professional translation.

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