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Duncan Pattinson

Building Insurance Required On Exchange Of Contracts

Getting on to the property ladder and moving up it, takes time and lots of saving.

How do Homebuyers know where to start and what is required to make their move?

So many key professionals are involved in making it happen.

A happy move, first purchase, is when a plan was formulated, probably using a moving property checklist, costs calculated for each important stage with key professionals at the ready and a budget formulated.

Budget Control And Experience

Working to a budget and knowing who to use and when, makes such a difference to home movers. The online property portals that know the area, market a property well and provide choice to home owners will do very well. Everyone in property likes to be in the driving seat.

So whats new? It’s all about providing Homebuyers with choice.

We Help You Too Ltd has launched in conjunction with Onesearch Direct and Northcott Beaton, a Homebuyers flexible friend. Solicitors have been under strict time constraints to get to exchange of contracts without delay. Pressure is applied from all parties involved, especially the Homebuyer.

Then all of a sudden without warning the Solicitor asks the key question.

A Mortgage lender requirement is that you have buildings insurance in place on exchange of contracts. Do you have it?

This question is often asked late in the day because so many properties fail to exchange, maybe the seller has accepted a higher offer. The process is long winded and the Homebuyer is nervous about committing to a new House Insurance or worried that their current House Insurance will not cover a second home unless more money is spent.

Problem Solved

A simple solution is the all new innovative Flexi Smart Contingency House Insurance which provides building insurance cover between exchange of contracts and completion for up to 28 days. This inexpensive policy helps everyone.

It is a win win for all parties.

The Homebuyer needn’t worry about when the exchange date is, as it works with a flexible start date. The policy becomes in force on the day of exchange, ensuring no delays are made.

The Solicitor knows with certainty that they have building insurance in place and that once exchanged the Homebuyer has breathing space to source the best insurance for their needs.

The Insurance company has less insurances cancelled.

The lender gets what they want, cover on exchange of contracts.

Sometimes it is the simple changes that make such a difference.

We Help You Too Ltd that manages the national Homebuyer Conveyancing panel already provides Homebuyers with the conveyancing comparison tools to search the conveyancing market by price, location and by Mortgage Lender without asking for any personal details.

Now Homebuyers can add the Flexi Smart Insurance without obligation to their purchase quote.

When the Homebuyer Solicitor is instructed, the Homebuyer can decide to move forward with the Flexi Smart Contingency House Insurance. Their Solicitor can conveniently order the policy via their Onesearch Direct ordering portal.

You see insurance can be exciting!




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